IVC Transition Program

The IVC Transition Program promotes vocational development and provides real-life experiences that offer students an opportunity to develop self-esteem, persistence, and confidence in community-based activities. With increased independence, each student makes essential choices that give them control over their resources and to become more independent workforce members. 

   For the 2022-2023 school year, the IVC School District brought back our transition students who previously participated in the SEAPCO Rise program in Bartonville. The district’s transition program is a community-based transition program designed to assist in the transition from school to adult life for our special education students who qualify. Unfortunately, the district did not have specialized facilities for this program.  In 2023, the new building (1008 N. 4th Street Chillicothe, IL) will allow the transition program to have their own classroom space as well as a fully functional kitchen for the students to prepare their lunches as a class, and further promote their independent living skills.  

     It is the goal of the program to provide the students with real-world employability skills.  Ultimately, the hope of the transition program is to run a small business within the transition center which will provide our students with the necessary skills to work for other local businesses.  The funding for transition program facilities came from federal special education grant money with the other portion of the project being funded by capital projects money including county school facilities sales tax revenue.  

We are excited to offer this program to our students and families and promote a positive transition for these students within the IVC School District community!